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Family Engagement Collaborative 

The NeoQIC Family Engagement Collaborative aims to bring together Level II and III NICUs for 3 years to integrate the work already done as part of the Safe Sleep and/or Human Milk collaboratives with an emphasis on increased engagement with families. The collaborative will be focused on addressing barriers to family communication, increasing access to social supports, increased family engagement in care, and involving parents in NICU structures, and reducing disparities in race/ethnicity or language status.  This project is funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to support project management, data coordination, and all our conferences.  


As with other NeoQIC collaboratives, you can expect the following with your participation in the collaborative:

  • Quarterly webinars and twice/year in-person meetings with expert speakers

  • Forum for team sharing on improvements on these important initiatives

  • High-yield (and fun!) didactics on QI methods and family engagement topics

  • Platform for tracking data improvement

Past Webinars


Collaborative Teams


If you are interested in participating or have any questions about this collaborative, please contact Meg Parker (project lead) or Aviel Peaceman (program manager)

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