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Hospital Team Status 

The table below describes the various steps of hospital team development and implementation of the ESC care model into their practice. Also below is a form that members from hospital teams can fill out and submit when a project component has been completed. At the bottom of this page is a table that lists the status of each hospital's participation in our statewide SEN QI project as well as in the implementation of the ESC care model into their practice. You may scroll through the table to view all hospitals providing neonatal care across the state of Massachusetts. We will update the table to reflect the teams' progress. If you notice that there is anything missing or if there are any inaccuracies, please email Allie Doyle at




Create a multidisciplinary improvement team

  • Team lead identified

  • Team roster form completed


Attendance at ESC training workshop by leadership team

Participation in monthly ESC webinars

Educate all perinatal staff on general ESC methods

Provide in-depth ESC training to providers that will be participating in ESC assessments and NAS management

  • Attend one ESC training workshop

  • Participate in at least 3 webinars

  • Adequate education of perinatal staff as defined by hospital*

  • Adequate training of appropriate staff as defined by hospital*


Create ESC documentation system in medical record

Modify appropriate policies and guidelines to incorporate ESC assessment method

  • ESC documentation system in place

  • Appropriate guidelines and policies developed


Participate in NeoQIC REDCap data system, with data entry beginning with infants born in 2017

  • Data use agreement (DUA) completed

  • Data entry into REDCap begun

* Hospitals should develop their own criteria for education and training of staff, including what is required for individual staff members and which staff members are targeted.  We suggest general education on ESC to a broad range of perinatal staff members, and more in-depth training for those staff that will be directly involved in ESC assessments and NAS management. 

Last Updated: 6/2/20

Hospital Team Status

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