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Massachusetts State Guidelines and Resources

State Guidelines

Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH):
Guidelines for Maternal/Newborn Screening for Alcohol/Substance Use (2012)
Massachusetts Department of Children and Families: Substance-Exposed Newborn Guidelines (2017)
>> DCF Substance Abuse Unit Contact List

State Resources

Early Head Start 

>> Early Head Start Overview

>> Early Head Start Contact List (May, 2019)

>> Early Head Start Center Locator:

 Early Intervention

>> Info Sheet: How Families Qualify for EI

>> Program Outreach Letter for Providers (May, 2018)

>> To order brochures and other informational resources for families, visit the Mass Health Promotion Clearinghouse

>> For additional resources and a program locator, visit:


FIRST Steps Together

>> FIRST Steps Together Handout with Map (June, 2019)

Institute for Health & Recovery 

>> Institute for Health & Recovery Overview (November, 2017)

>> Institute for Health & Recovery Central Intake Overview (February, 2019) 


MCPAP for Moms

>> MCPAP for Moms Training Flyer (May, 2019) 

>> Website:

Moms Do Care

>> Moms Do Care Overview (May, 2019)

>> General Moms Do Care Handout (May, 2019)

Last Updated: 4/30/20

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