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Mission Statement

The Neonatal Quality Improvement Collaborative of Massachusetts (NeoQIC) is dedicated to improving the health outcomes of newborns throughout the state.  It is a voluntary organization of health care providers and institutions that support quality improvement in the health care of newborns through the open sharing of information and practices.  It seeks to foster a culture of continuous quality improvement among its members through the development of joint quality improvement projects and initiatives, promotion of evidence-based best practices, and support of education and training.

About Us

We are a voluntary organization of newborn health care providers in Massachusetts, committed to improving the outcomes of mothers and newborns throughout the state through the open sharing of practices and data. 


Active Improvement Initiatives: 


NeoQIC is proud to support three ongoing collaborative quality improvement initiatives: 

Increasing the use of mother's own milk in very low birth weight infants;

Increasing safe sleep practices in high risk infants; and

Improving the care of infants and families impacted by perinatal opioid use and neonatal abstinence syndrome (substance exposed newborns).  


A fourth initiative is being launched focused on nosocomial infections and antibiotic utilization in neonatal intensive care units. This is a re-launch of the earlier NeoQIC NICU CLABSI initiative.  

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