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NICHQ QI Training Webinar Series

This webinar series provided structured quality improvement education to participating teams, and will lead teams through the initial steps of formulating and conducting a quality improvement project. Please see below for to access the webinar recordings, slides, and associated documents. 



Below are links to the NICHQ Quality Improvement webinar series recordings.  Note you may have to try a couple of times to get to the actual recording, depending on your computer and browser, but it works!  For my computer, it worked right away using Chrome; when I used Explorer, I had to first select "Leave this page" and then "use Java".


>> Recording of Webinar 1:  Webinar 1   

>> Recording of Webinar 2:  Webinar 2

>> Recording of Webinar 3:  not available at present!  Working on it

>> Recording of Webinar 4:  Webinar 4

>> Recording of Webinar 5:  Webinar 5

>> Recording of Webinar 6:  Webinar 6


Some of the following documents are password protected. Please email Mary Houghton ( if you need access. 

SEN QI Tool: Aim Statement 
SEN QI Tool: Measurement Strategy
SEN QI Tool: PDSA Cycle
SEN QI Tool: Prioritization Grid
SEN QI NICHQ Webinar Series Summary
SEN QI Webinar 1: Inside the Model for Improvement Part 1
SEN QI Webinar 1: Introduction
SEN QI Webinar 2: Inside the Model for Improvement Part 2
SEN QI Webinar 2: Introduction 
SEN QI Webinar 3: Learning from PDSA Cycles Part 1 
SEN QI Webinar 3: Introduction
SEN QI Webinar 4: Learning from PDSA Cycles Part 2
SEN QI Webinar 4: Introduction
SEN QI Webinar 5: Coaching Call
SEN QI Webinar 5: Measurement in QI
SEN QI Webinar 6: Final Webinar

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