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Publications on Our Projects

Timing of First Milk Expression to Maximize Breastfeeding Continuation Among Mothers of Very Low Birth Weight Infants
Parker MG, Melvin P, Graham D, Gupta M, Burnham LA, Lopera AM, Zera C, Belfort MB. Obstetrics & Gynecology.  2019 Jun; 133(6):1208-1215. PMID 31135736.  

Addressing Disparities in Mother’s Milk for VLBW Infants Through Statewide Quality Improvement
Parker MG, Burnham LA, Melvin P, Singh R, Lopera AM, Belfort MB, Moses J, Gupta M. Pediatrics. 2019 Jul; 144(1):e20183809. PMID 31213519.   

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Use of Mother’s Milk Feeding for Very Low Birth Weight Infants in Massachusetts
Parker MG, Gupta M, Melvin P, Burnham LA, Lopera AM, Moses JM, Litt JL, Belfort MB. J Pediatrics. 2019 Jan; 204:134-41. PMID 30274926.
Implementation of Safe Sleep Practices in Massachusetts NICUs: A State-Wide QI Collaborative
Hwang S, Melvin P, Diop H, Settle M, Mourad J, Gupta M.  I  J Perinatology. 2018 May; 38(5):593-599.  
PMID: 29410541.    
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