This page lists survey tools developed by NeoQIC/PNQIN or hospital improvement teams and survey result analyses. 

Provider Attitudes and Skills Survey, 2019: 

PNQIN readying the launch of a new survey tool designed to measure provider attitudes and knowledge around perinatal opioid use and NAS. The tool will be made available to all hospitals participating in the PNQIN SEN initiative, and would be designed to be distributed to all perinatal staff. Participating centers will receive a report summarizing their own results, as well as a comparative report comparing their results to the rest of the state. The survey will be on-line and anonymous. We will be reaching out shortly to team leads to gauge interest in participating, but if you know already that your center might be interested, please contact us. 

>> To view the current draft of the Provider Attitudes and Skills Survey, click here

>> To view an overview of the Provider Attitudes and Skills Survey, click here

Practice Survey Results

>> PNQIN 2017 Statewide Practice Survey Report 

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